Halloween Photoshoots

gothic lolita girls

It’s finally October, the busiest and most fun month of the entire year! It’s the perfect time to glance back at some of our favorite Halloween themed photoshoots from the last ten years.

gothic halloween photoshoot with pink hair

“The Halloween Party”- With the amazing House of Pomegranates, with their signature gossamer photography style. This shoot had some of my favorite makeup work and I’m hoping to revisit the skeleton-hair look for an upcoming Gloomth shoot. See more from this day here!

halloween monster girl

Monster Girl- Teeth and candy and cute skeletons everywhere! This casual shoot with Fine Lines is full of kawaii Halloween fun. Check out the whole album here!

victorian lolita dress

The Woods- This dreamy shoot took place in a woods absolutely full of gorgeous golden foliage. It features our Ghost Queen dress modeled by Pei. See the rest of these photos here!

cute halloween witch

Candy Witch– This kawaii witch look from 2014 is still one of my favorite Halloween shoots we’ve done! Go see the entire album on flickr!

We’ll have some new 2019 Halloween photoshoots soon! Hopefully these ones have inspired your start to October!


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