cute gothic lolita halloween witch outfit by gloomth

5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

cute gothic lolita halloween witch outfit by gloomth

It’s Halloween season again! Pumpkins, candy, and skeleton shopping- oh my! Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things going on and need some Halloween costume inspiration? One of my favorite ways to build a costume is around clothing I can wear year round, it’s less wasteful than buying an entire costume you’ll only wear once and let’s you explore your style in new ways!

Here are some costume ideas using Gloomth designs as a base to suit a variety styles, from cute and girly to dark and edgy! 🙂


Angel or Fairy- You can easily find fairy or angel wings at any costume shop this time of year, or make your own! I paired our “Sugar Nurse” dress with a sheer vintage peignoir, lengths of white sheer decorating ribbon, a gold tone costume crown, and loads of sparkly details. Have fun with sparkle and stick-on gems for the makeup! More inspiration photos here!

goth nurse dress lolita outfit

Gothic Nurse- Our “Bad Nurse” dress is the ideal base for a spooky goth nurse costume. In our shoot we paired it with white fishnets and socks for some contrast but it’d look great with tattered layered fishnets and black platforms, add red bloody makeup, and a costume shop nurse hat to finish the look. See this dress modeled in a shoot here!

creepy forest girl victorian

Victorian Haunted Doll- Our “Victoria” or “Ghost Queen” dresses are perfect for a haunted doll costume, they’re based on actual historical designs so they add some real antique flair to your look. Pair with white knee socks, black mary-jane shoes, and a headband or bow. Keep the makeup pale and haunted, think sunken eyes and tinged lips. For bonus points carry your favorite creepy porcelain doll with you all night! See a whole shoot based on this theme here!

kawaii clown makeup look

Kawaii Clown- We love a good clown theme around here! For this cute take we used our “Sugar Nurse” dress and paired it with pastel striped tights and lots of cute pastel accessories. I made a quick clown hat out of an ice cream shaped shower-pouf from the dollar store. Keep the makeup simple and colorful and clowny! See more of this look in action here!

Hopefully some of these ideas help inspire your looks this season! We can’t wait to see what you create!



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