gothic girl in bat wing dress

Vampire Bat Outfit

gothic girl in bat wing dress

This shoot with Gloomth Girl Azura Rose feels like such a throwback to early Gloomth years when we pretty much only made things in black or red, and almost all of our shoots were Gothic themes! I love that our label now can accommodate colors as well as traditional Gothic styles, it allows me to play with our photoshoot themes and explore all sorts of styling options.

gothic designer gloomth

For this shoot Azura wore our upcoming “Bat Doll” dress (before you message me, the final version IS going to be longer- but for now we just have the too short sample to use in shoots). As well as a pair of gorgeous leather bat wings of hers, fangs, and bat-winged boots!

gothic vampire girl

As the sun set we got some gorgeous pools of light to work with into these eerie vampire themed photos!


You can find more photos from this shoot over on flickr!

This dress will be available very soon on our site!

Azura’s Instagram!


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