2019 Halloween Home Decor for Year Round

monster girl outfit photoshoot gloomth toronto

One of my favorite things about Halloween season is finding spooky home decor items I can sneak into my space year round- without looking like I just forgot to take the tinsel bat garland down. I’m posting some of my favorite online finds for Halloween 2019 here today (with shopping links!). For this list I stuck with pieces you could tuck into “regular” decor year round, items that looked well made and of interesting fabrics/materials so they seem more lux and less “holiday aisle at the dollarstore”. 😉

*As a note this is not a sponsored or affiliated post, I sourced these items out myself and I don’t get a cut if you buy any of them. I just like sharing spooky stuff and home decor.

gothic home decor 2019

The first pick is this solid white ceramic skull cookie jar from Target! I love that it’s somewhat minimal and made of sturdy actual ceramic. It won’t look like a cheap resin Halloween skull on your counter year round. Buy it Here!

ceramic skull cake stand

Also from Target is this cute ceramic skull cake stand! A little cheery Memento Mori for your next birthday cake? 😉 Again, quality materials and not over the top spookiness make it great for year round cake displaying. Find it here!

beaded skull placemat

These placemats from Pier1 are beaded and fancy looking. I also like that the skull is weirdly detailed and looks sort of like retro tattoo flash. Find it here!

irridescent pumpkin gothic home decor

This light-up iridescent pumpkin is so dreamy and beautiful! I think it’d work beautifully tucked into a window display year round or used to add a touch of spooky mood lighting to a bedroom year round. It’s from Grandin Road (grab yours here).

beaded skeleton table runner goth home decor

This beaded skeleton table runner is quirky and maybe a bit more Halloween-centric than some of the other items in this post. It’s from Pier1 and available here.

Have you seen any great Halloween home decor this year???

Happy Almost Halloween!


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