New “Spring Witch” Photoshoot!

lolita witch

Spring is a season of magic and rebirth! From bare leaves to bursting with flowers, from frozen soil rises new life. You don’t need to be an expert at casting spells to feel the energy changes, the new and fresh swirling all around us. Though it is ephemeral and gives way to summer quickly.

Our new “Spring Witch” photoshoot is inspired by the magic of spring and early summer! Of enormous walls of white blossoms and crowded leafy paths through verdant forests.

Pei wore our upcoming “Bat Doll” dress with a floppy witch hat (which will also be for sale on our site)! We kept the styling very simple and elegant for this outfit, to keep the focus on the flowers and woodland.

lolita witch fashion

You can see many more photos from this casual shoot on our flickr album!

Thanks again to Pei for modeling for me!


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