New “Bat Wings” Photoshoot!

gothic lolita bat wing dress

Our upcoming “Bat Doll” dress was the inspiration behind this outfit and street-fashion style photoshoot featuring Dolly Momoiro! You can grab this dress as part of a limited edition Outfit Pack right now, we only have ta few of these packages available so if you’d like this dress in a one of a kind colorway or with an entire outfit now’s your chance! Depending on the response to the pre-orders we may or may not be offering this dress in the store apart from the pre-orders!!

bat wing outfit bag dress

Dolly styled this dress with striped socks, a bat-winged backpack, and lots of pink and creepy elements! We shot on a raised walkway in the city to create these fun shots. I wanted to keep the backdrops simple and evocative, a little touch of the city but not a busy street scene cluttering up the view.

You can see some additional highlights from this shoot in the gallery below, just click to enlarge each shot!


Get our own Halloween themed Outfit Pack (limited to ten total) on our site and you can pick from an array of custom colors so your look is entirely, unique your own!

See the rest of this fun shoot on flickr!

Check out Dolly Momoiro on facebook!



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