Tea Party and Photoshoot Fundraiser

Gloomth Goth Nurse dresss


Our next party is June 23rd, 2019!

Gloomth’s Tea Party & Photoshoot Fundraiser

Join us for an afternoon Tea Party full of fashion, photography, and more! Help us raise funds to launch our fall collection and fund the Applewood Shaver Museum’s continued existence as an important historical space in the community.


$50 Ticket Includes:

-Full tea party with lots of tea options and a buffet of snacks and desserts. Vegan/GF options will be served.

-Mini photoshoot with about 10 finished/edited photos per person by Gloomth’s photographer Taeden.

-Entry into a raffle to win prizes from Gloomth and our creative friends.

-Goody Bag!

-Shop accessories and samples, and get a preview of our new designs before they’re available to the public! Short fashion show and more.

RSVP on Facebook and Please Share This Event!

To reserve your space simply send payment via bank transfer or paypal to taeden@gloomth.com (Our website cart isn’t set up in CAD so we have to do it this way).


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