My Favorite Looks of 2018

I tend to think of myself being fully dressed up as “Taedrag”, it’s a performative artistic project combining all sorts of elements and concepts into an expression of myself- not specifically gendered, just a playful game of “attract and repel” mixing creepy and unexpected things with cute and soft things. I haven’t dressed up as much as I’d have liked in 2018 (because this year was fucking awful) but here are some of my favorite looks/outfits I created for myself this year!

In no particular order:

taeden hall toronto artist gloomth

Vintage Circus Mustache Thing- Wore my cat print fabric Gloomth Tuxedo dress layered with vintage 1940s peignoir and pinned all sorts of objects to my outfit. Finished with a pose doll on my head and my prized custom mustache.

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hairtaeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

Halloween Teeth Monster– I commissioned these amazing sculpted jaw sets from my friend Angel and did a whole monster girl pastel look for Halloween, complete with fangs. I wore this look 2 ways for two different events.

dead bunny costume gloomth taeden hall

Dead Diseased Bunny- How many times have I dressed as a dead rabbit for Halloween?! At least three. I don’t even really like rabbits, I babysat one once and it was dirty and unfriendly and we did not bond (sorry bunny-loving-friends, I was a bad bunnysitter at 15 years old and it was not a very loving rodent).

taeden hall toronto photographer blogger artist

Cemetery Tour– Despite giggling through this tour with my equally impolite friends I took my outfit for this event pretty seriously. Vintage top (cut from an old wedding dress), 40s style skirt, and vintage hat, with a cluster of Victorian memorial brooches.

taeden hall toronto

Vintage Beehive- I bought this gorgeous 1970s babydoll dress and shortened it into a dolly style. Wore it for my annual Vintage Food party with a great big beehive and tons of makeup. I always feel amazing in this dress wherever I wear it!

taeden hall toronto

Damask for the Symphony- Poured myself into this little damask dress (an old Gloomth design, in fact) for the symphony.

In 2019 I hope to dress up more and play with developing my style further on a far more regular basis. Here’s to looking weird for life! 😉

For more pointless photos of me check our instagram.


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