Nefarious Fakery


Just an annual reminder that we do not employ a “PR Specialist”, talent scout, or model recruiter. Never have. Anyone who claims to represent Gloomth is lying. 100% of our shoots are coordinated and cast by me alone. We don’t have a public relations anything, again it’s just >>me<<!!!!

It goes without saying individuals masquerading as employees of a company they don’t work for do not have good intentions, this is predatory unacceptable behavior (even if facebook’s fuckin algorithm reporting system won’t do anything about it).

nick lee

I hate that we have to acknowledge this happening, giving this situation any attention feels like admitting it is impacting us (it isn’t, it’s just gross). Trolls gonna troll, but on the off chance someone comes to harm from this garbage I can’t risk not having tried to warn folks. I keep getting screenshots (thanks guys!) of the same person being vile and claiming to represent us- he DOES NOT. Never has. Absolutely never will.

nick lee indiana liar


It’s especially sickening because one of my main goals with Gloomth is to provide a safe, inclusive environment for all our friends/fans, somewhere folks can explore their creativity and appearance without all the nastiness of the outside world seeping in. Sucks that same cruelty and dishonesty ends up at our doorstep anyway. Barf.

I will take the screenshots down when he stops falsely claiming to work for me. 🙂


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