Tae’s Halloween Looks 2018

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

Halloween has come and gone! This fall has been a bit overwhelming on a variety of fronts so I didn’t spend ages planning my costume, but thankfully my closet is pretty much packed with weird costume-adjacent elements!

I had been meaning to create fangs for my hair for well over two years, trying to find pre-made taxidermy sets or something that’d work. I had mentioned it to my friend Angel of “Angel’s Custom Dolls” who promptly said she could sculpt the teeth of my dreams! And she really did!!!!!!!! Now I have yet another weird thing to stick to my head at work events. 😉

You can grab your own set on her etsy as she made a cast of mine so they can be re-made for others!

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

Because Gloomth was at an event the weekend before Halloween I didn’t really do a full “costume”, just a monster-girl look. I’m really enjoying exploring the idea of a monster identity, sort of a genderless game of repel and attract- a creature that at first seems attractive and draws you in but is packed with creepy or unsettling elements. Like teeth and doll heads!

So here are some photos from that week with my hair-teeth!

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

taeden hall monster girl makeup with teeth in hair

On my birthday I threw a Halloween party (video of the decorations here) and wore something a little more comfortable and easy to dance in for the night. Bunny ears and fake pustules! I was a sickly dead bunny. 😛

I only managed one real photo of this look and it’s before I put in my deep red contact lenses, sorry about that…

dead bunny costume gloomth taeden hall

I hope everyone had a great Halloween too!


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