New “Glitter Sunset” Photoshoot!

kawaii goth doll fashion by gloomth

Here’s a riot of color to make up for all of the dark photoshoots we’ve been creating lately! This shoot was a lot of fun to create and we even have some funny behind the scenes stories for you.

kawaii goth doll fashion by gloomthkawaii goth doll fashion by gloomth

Paige Marina attended one of our Photoshoot Parties last year and had written to me ages ago about modeling for the site as well, so we finally got together to make this fun mini-shoot. I was unfortunately full of sinus cold but the resulting photos are still pretty fun I think!

I wanted to show our “Valance” dress worked into a different style of outfit, something a little more lolita or kawaii influenced than the usual Victorian gothic styles I lean towards when styling for the website. I kept it simple (as it was still pretty hot outside) with pastel pink and white accessories, wrist cuffs, and Paige’s own purple platforms. This would be a super easy outfit to recreate with your own favorite colors at home.

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

We shot in the graffiti park near me (which you maybe recognize from a bunch of other shoots I’ve done) and all the colors created a stunning backdrop!

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canadagloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

I shoot a lot of our mini photoshoots just out in my neighborhood. I’m a big fan of exploring every alley or side street looking for unique backdrops to use in photos or strange environments that’d be fun to have a model in. I live in Little India in Toronto surrounded by a thriving South Asian community of stores and restaurants, which I love. While shooting on the street the owner of a popular South Asian bridal store practically dragged us inside to do photos in his stunning shop! He even posed for a few with Paige! I’d so love to shoot a fusion of our style with his gorgeous outfits someday (hint hint).

chandan bridal little india gloomth


Check out Chandan’s gorgeous bridal photos on instagram!

More photos from this shoot are on our flickr:

Heaps of thanks to Paige and Chandan for making this shoot so fun!!!


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