New “The Goths” Photoshoot!

gothic fashion models toronto canada gloomth

My favorite way to spend a Friday night is creating photos with my friends! This shoot is inspired by the idea of alternative cliques, the outcasts and misfits banding together to create community and inspire one another. “The Goths” at their own lunch table in school, supporting one another and embracing the same strange aspects of life.

gothic victorian dress by gloomth

velvet gothic lolita outfit by gloomth in toronto canada

When I first moved to Toronto at age 18 one of my goals was to “Make Goth Friends”. I was very deep into that scene at the time (as much as anyone who has dial up internet and lives in a very small shitty town can be) and just so badly wanted to meet other spooky folks. My first university friend (and eventual university room mate) was someone I spotted wearing black during school orientation and peppered with questions about whether she “liked vampires too”.

gothic fashion photoshoot editorial gloomth toronto canada

victorian mourning dress gloomth

gothic plague doctor photoshoot editorial

So this shoot is celebrating “goth friends”, of finding your community and people- even if you don’t visually identify with it 24/7 anymore.

gothic nurse with syringe

gothic plague doctor photoshoot editorial

The incredible plague doctor mask you see in some of the photos was made/modeled by Giggles. The lantern and syringe were 3D printed by Kat Mung Ling! Hexcelle is wearing our “October” dress, Giggles our “Victoria“, and Kat Mung Ling is wearing our “Valance” dress.

Thank you to everyone that day who made this shoot so much fun to be a part of!

You can see the entire series on our flickr!


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