On the Quiet Here Lately

dolly momoiro gloomth medical creepy

2017 has been a top speed year. I can’t believe we’re nearly through with August. It doesn’t show signs of slowing down either… I know the Gloomthzine has been somewhat quiet as of late, aside from posting new photoshoots and basic day to day business updates at least. It likely will remain a little quiet for a little longer, please bear with me.

Gloomth is undergoing some exciting transformations! I can’t wait to tell you all about them, we’re preparing for our future which is super scary but also really exciting. Evolution always comes through much tribulation.

In the meantime we are working on our 10th anniversary BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES A BOOK! Lots of artwork, behind the scenes bits, submissions and artwork by our models and friends, and a whole story of the label’s ups and downs by our designer Taeden. This book has been a huge labor (of love) but it’s the perfect time to create it and we hope once it’s out you’ll love it too!

We have a 10th Anniversary Party and Book Launch happening Nov. 12th in Toronto! Right now details are super vague but we’ll be posting them soon and if you’re in the area then we would *love* to meet you and celebrate together.

Working on heaps of Halloween themed shoots so we should have plenty of new photos and some tutorials to share very soon!!!!!!!!


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