I am an actual person.

taeden hall

About once every year we get a client transaction that ends in me crying at my desk.

I know you can’t please everyone and some people just don’t want to be pleased- they want an excuse to “fight” to rant and carry on at someone else, to feel “right” (even if they aren’t actually). I understand these impulses exist in others and I’ve encountered them at day jobs years ago unruffled. However Gloomth is my soul, I work endless hours basically unpaid to move forward something I love dearly, something I passionately believe in.

I know I shouldn’t take these experiences personally- logically I know where they come from, why it’s happening, that it’s the cost of doing business online- but I have a lot of difficulty with that. It’s my soul. And of course whenever these things happen they always coincide with times when the rest of my life is a mess. Thus crying.

So if you do business online please remember the person you’re sending crazy emails to at 1am ranting is an ACTUAL HUMAN. Who may very well be crying at her desk because she can’t fix this in the middle of the night for you, because it’s just a big straw on a straw heap of a bad week. Who maybe hasn’t even screwed up to begin with.

Maybe take up boxing or yoga instead of yelling at people to get your stress out? Because I hate crying, it makes my face blotchy.

And to everyone else who’s purchased from us and been kind and amazing, you all FAR out number these annual crying-at-desk experiences and I am so grateful for you. Every day you inspire me to keep going with my weird little world. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “I am an actual person.

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I had similar experiences on Etsy with custom hand made products and customers who were never happy no matter what I did to fix the problem. Luckily for every bad customer, there are 1000 good ones who love what you’re doing. Chin up, keep moving forward, and don’t let the bastards get you down. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I really do appreciate your kindness. Oh for sure, for every crappy experience I have dozens more that are positive and wonderful. It’s just been really the worst possible timing this week. Rains it pours, right?

      1. I agree, It always comes at the worst times. Hoping things get better and you have a weekend of relaxation. And ice cream. Ice cream ALWAYS helps. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry for you! Dealing with mean customers are the worst and in the moment it’s hard to remember that the problem isn’t you, it’s them. Because that what it almost always comes down to, petty people who likes to bully others around.

    I hope you get a lovely weekend and tons of niceness from future customers! I admire your work and think your designs are just amazing.

    1. Thank you! These things are always so poorly timed is all. I will never comprehend why some people howl at strangers online as a means to elevate themselves etc.

  3. I’m sorry dear! I can’t imagine working online. Working publicly in retail is bad enough with the way people treat retail employees, but online I’m sure it’s a thousand times worse because people can hide behind their keyboards. I hope you feel better, and know that the rest of us appreciate what you do.

    1. I have worked retail also, it’s friggen hellish. It’s astonishing how rude people can be to one another over such trivial things.
      Thank you for your kind words! I’m much better, it just really struck a nerve that day.

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