New “Sick Girl Style” Photoshoot!

menhera lolita outfit gloomth

For our new “Sick Girl Style” photoshoot I wanted to blend Menhera elements, old school lolita elements, and of course Gloomth’s own aesthetic. Hexcelle and I had quite an adventure shooting this fun series!

menhera nurse dress gloomth

For the styling I used Gloomth’s new “Nurse” dress and paired it with pink/pastel elements to pull in some Menhera vibes. White over the knee socks and tattered gauze bandages helped with the creepy medical feel. We used big clunky 90s vintage shoes and layered wrist cuffs to mimic the old school lolita street snaps girls’ footwear. We’ll have a quick tutorial for the makeup I did for this shoot later this week!

nurse costume gloomth

nurse dress lolita guro gloomth

Finding new places to do our fun photoshoots is always tricky! I try not to use the same backdrops over and over and we can’t always rent a space to build a set etc. For this shoot Hexcelle and I walked down to a big park not far from me but it was around midday and the sun was blindingly bright. We spotted an outdoor public washroom building and it seemed like no one was inside. Most of the light in the washroom came through big glass windows/elements so the lighting was surprisingly lovely and interesting. We started snapping away!

nurse dress menhera style gloomth

About 20 minutes into shooting all over the public bathroom we heard a toilet flush and just about leaped out of our skins! It seems someone had been in a stall the entire time making no noises while we were goofing off and taking photos. I can only imagine what they were thinking! We ran out of the bathroom laughing and did some photos elsewhere in the park for fun. This is my life at 33 years old, taking photos of my friends in public bathrooms and being startled by mystery poopers! 😛

You can see the entire series on our flickr album! Thank you again to Hexcelle for enduring my weird shoot ideas and locations.


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