New “Cathedral” Photoshoot!

gothic lolita church photoshoot gloomth

In an effort to improve my photography I’ve been shooting almost every week lately, it’s a ton of work but I really want to push my work further so please pass the coffee! Last week I met up with the gorgeous Karen to shoot in front of one of my favorite places in Toronto- the Necropolis cemetery/chapel. I personally don’t feel very comfortable taking commercial photos in a cemetery (I’m not religious but I don’t want to disrespect anyone for whom these spaces are sacred)- though I know Goth has a long history of draping ourselves over random graves, and I’ve even broken my own rule once- so we didn’t do that, but out front of the gorgeous 1800’s chapel was fair game.

gothic lolita nun church doors outfit

gothic lolita iron gate photoshoot

This cemetery was founded in 1850 and some of Toronto/Canada’s prominent figures have been buried there over the years. It’s a truly beautiful space and the chapel itself is decked out in full gothic style- a rare sight in relatively young Toronto.

Karen wore our “Hymn” dress which was the perfect match for the beautiful chapel grounds!

gothic lolita nun photoshoot

Karen braves some chilly windy weather for these beautiful shots! We were cheerily shooting outdoors by the chapel when a staff member invited us inside of it to take photos. I didn’t want to just show up and start snapping away inside of a church- again my discomfort at using one culture’s religious spaces as a backdrop for commercial photos- but it was sure nice to be invited in. The chapel itself is stunning (though pretty dark inside) and we did take quite a few photos while we warmed up.

gothic lolita stained glass photoshoot outfit

gothic lolita stained glass photoshoot outfit

I’m really pleased with these photos and I can’t wait to work on more shoots! Thank you so much for braving the weather Karen and to the unnamed staff member at the Necropolis who invited us to shoot inside. 🙂

There are tons more photos from this series in our flickr album!


p.s. Karen is in an awesome gothic band and you can check them out here!

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