Aerolux Electric Flower Lightbulbs

Before we launch into photoshoots and events for 2017 here’s some inspiration to get you started! I came across one of these bulbs in a photo essay and was captivated. I’d never seen anything like them, so of course I started researching them like a fiend (as I am an insufferable nerd). 🙂

aerolux light bulb

aerolux light bulbs

Aerolux made these decorative light bulbs from the 1930s-1970s. Inside the glass bulb the filaments were shaped into delicate metal flowers and messages that lit up brightly when powered. The effect is really amazing and unique!

aerolux lightbulb

aerolux light bulb

The structures inside are created using phosphorus coatings on tiny metal sculptures, that way they’d fluoresce when powered and give off the magical colored light.

aerolux light bulbs with flowers inside

aerolux light bulb

Understandably not many of these bulbs have lasted the test of time- the flowers inside could not be shaken or handled as the phosphorus coating would easily come off. I haven’t managed to find one of my own yet but I sure hope to! It would make such an interesting light fixture.

In the meantime I’m happy to just stare at them on auction sites and dream. 😛


Sources (none of the above photos are my own):

7 thoughts on “Aerolux Electric Flower Lightbulbs

    1. I haven’t seen many for sale. The few intact/with boxes seemed to go from anywhere to $45-150 but I think you’re better off just googling for the pricing.

  1. Was amazed to see some of these hanging from a tree as I was walking out last night. Even more amazed to come across the same things here! 🙂
    Have a great day – Robert.

  2. My grandmother had one of these lights, a beautiful red rose. My uncle bought it for her back before World War II. It is mine now. We only turn it on once a year for a few minutes in an attempt to make it last as long as possible. It is beautiful. I never knew they were still producing them as late as 1970. I wish I had. I would have gotten a second one for grandma.

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