Autumn Cemetery Photos

mount pleasant cemetery autumn toronto

I went for the most incredible cemetery walk with my friends this past weekend. What began as a “let’s cut through the big Mount Pleasant cemetery” idea to an hours long trek through an impossibly beautiful autumn landscape! I was giddily taking photos left and right and making my friends pose for portraits with my new camera lens (40-140!). Here are some of the best photos from the day, on which was likely the last spectacularly warm autumn day of 2016.

autumn leaves on a tombstone in mount pleasant cemetery toronto

angel statuary in mount pleasant cemetery toronto against golden maple leaves

autumn leaves in mount pleasant cemetery toronto

It’s also home to thousands of black squirrels who are very accustomed to being fed by visitors! We spent a lot of time luring these fellows. The squirrels are all adorably fattening up for winter, look at this portly little one below!

fat black squirrel

celtic cross tombstone in mount pleasant cemetery toronto

Mount Pleasant cemetery was founded in 1876 when the need for a non-Catholic-only cemetery was required, and it’s still in use today with new interments and cremations. It opened on my birthday (November 4th) in 1876. Throughout the cemetery run carriage drives, which are now used by cars and pedestrians.

mount pleasant cemetery toronto

mount pleasant cemetery toronto

mount pleasant cemetery toronto

The grounds of this cemetery are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. From rolling hills of lovingly tended trees and rows of tombstones, to water-gardens and elaborate stone mausoleums. It also boasts many species of rare or unique trees and flowering shrubs!

gorgeous red berries and leaves in mount pleasant cemetery

mount pleasant cemetery toronto

red japanese maple leaves against a tombstone mount pleasant cemetery

There are lots of Victorian headstones and grave markers in this cemetery, as well as enormous mausoleums for some of Canada’s “elite”. The one for the Eatons department store family has huge statue lions on the steps leading to it, and rows of Corinthian style columns framing it.

eatons family mausoleum toronto mount pleasant autumn leaves

eatons mausoleum mount pleasant cemetery autumn leaves

mount pleasant cemetery Corinthian columns yellow autumn leaves

The light was simply perfect there this weekend, it was the perfect break from the hectic autumn schedule around here.

flowers on a grave

There are lots more photos in my flickr album from the day if you’d like to see! 🙂


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