It’s My Birthday!


..And I’ll write boring blog posts if I want to! 😉 I turn 33 today. I think this is the first year where I’ve had a twinge of the pressure of aging. I am In-My-Thirties now, 40 doesn’t seem so far off, what do I want to drive myself towards, etc etc. Not in any crisis way- I rather like being older- just realizing the choices I make now feel more “this is it!” than the limitless sky of options I felt when I was 19.

Last night I went out with friends for my birthday. To my favorite family-owned neighborhood restaurant, invited anyone I thought would come. Ended up filling about half the restaurant with people! It felt amazing to be surrounded in such wonderful, weird, awesome people- some of which I’ve known since I moved to Toronto (so about 15 years).

I was walking back from the washroom at one point, buoyed by pina-coladas and thought, “I wish 13 year old me could see this, she’d be so jazzed! This is exactly where I want to be!”. I was a lonely kid and to think I have filled tables with friends, all of which are artists, poets, teachers, all sorts of unique people. It’s a good life, and I suck at remembering that. I have trouble thinking myself out of the little sand-traps of daily life, and sometimes it’s hard to remember how far I’ve come. I guess that’ll be 33, learning to be in the moment and just keep sight of how good things are. 🙂

Thank you for your support, friendship, and for reading the silly things I post here. I am so grateful to get to continue doing what I love!

So there you go, me writing sappy shit on my birthday. Now I’m off to spend a couple days with my parents!


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