New Gloomth Posters!

gothic girl in cemetery gloomth

These have long been requested at our live events and they seemed the perfect option for those who love our photoshoots but aren’t necessarily interested in wearing our clothing designs themselves! Or for those just looking to add some spooky loveliness to their space. New Gloomth POSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!

The first run of these feature some of our favorite photos from the last couple of years! The photos were all taken by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall and they feature a few of our Gloomth Girls. Each poster is full color and gorgeous quality, 16×20″, ready to be framed or tacked up anywhere you like.

Grab yours today! $21.99 each!

If there’s a photoshoot or Gloomth model you’d like on a poster please send us an email! We’re happy to have one printed just for you. Once these designs sell out we’ll choose 4 more shoots to celebrate.

The proceeds from the sale of these posters will go directly to studio rentals, travel costs, makeup, tights, and all the other costs of creating so many photoshoots. We truly appreciate your support and are very grateful to get to keep making amazing, strange art!


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