New “Mouse Hat” Photoshoot!

gothic outfit with bloomers mesh top striped tights

We had so much fun creating this new photoshoot! Gloomth Girl Vanessa Walsh and I set out to a creepy location near my apartment to shoot these adorable photos (and to try not to step in the mysterious puddles in the area).

gothic gloomth girl with blue hair

For the makeup in this shoot I wanted to try out some clown inspired touches! Namely smudgy drippy eye makeup and rosy circular blush. I definitely want to explore more wild versions of this makeup in future. Time to get extra-weird! 😉

The black mouseketeer style hat is from a random Korean online shop (I grabbed it in red too, so I’m sure that’ll appear in a subsequent photoshoot soon as I have been obsessed with these hats since they arrived).

Vanessa is wearing our new “Apparition” top and our short bloomers! The striped tights shown in the photos were provided by We Love Colors- who do simply amazing stripey tights in any color you can imagine paired with black or white!

gothic doll outfit with mouseketeer hat

I’m really enjoying doing photography for Gloomth (which I have said probably a hundred times here now haha). I still have lots to learn but with every shoot I grow more and more confident with my camera and getting the results I want from it. If you’ve ever worried about just learning a new skill without any formal training- don’t! Training is useful, but sometimes just *doing* something can be the best teacher!

gothic outfit gloomth vanessa walsh

Vanessa made the perfect creepy doll for this shoot and there are a ton more photos in this series in our flickr album! 🙂

Oh and do take a look at Vanessa’s amazing artwork also!!!!


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