New “Antique Dollhouse” Photoshoot!

victorian lolita photoshoot

The second series of photos we did at Applewood-Shave House museum recently were shot by photographer Russel Hall! They’re incredibly striking, and Gloomth Girl Ashavari looks simply perfect in the Victorian space.

lolita clothing gloomth

The entire series is a black and white daydream! Ashavari wore our “Victorian Bird” dress and new “Lotus” blouse during this shoot. And of course our mascot bunny, Vinegar, had to sneak into a few shots.

victorian fashion gloomth

For the styling I kept Ashavari’s hair very simple and loose. She is wearing an actual Victorian childrens’ mourning bonnet in the first outfit! It was nice to finally incorporate some of my antique ephemera into a perfect environment for it. I also pinned a large vintage cameo (much thanks to my departed Gran for that, heh) on a black ribbon to create a lovely choker used throughout the photoshoot. Dolls are all residents of the museum, and now my dear friends. 😉

victorian doll photoshoot

victorian doll ashavari gloomth

It’s always so fascinating to see how different my brother and I’s approaches are to photoshoots. His work is so precise and stunning, I am just beginning to practice my photography so his guidance has been invaluable.

gothic victorian outfit

The talented Taissa Lada provided us with the curled feather headband you see in the second outfit in this shoot! Her work has been a long time favorite of mine and we’re excited to showcase some of her beautiful accessories in upcoming shoots.

gothic victorian outfit taissa lada headbandgothic victorian outfit taissa lada headband

gothic victorian outfit bloomers gloomthgothic victorian outfit bloomers gloomth

Russel’s photos create a moody story with their deep shadows and lovely compositions! You really ought to check out the entire album on our flickr as there are many more to see. 🙂

Thank you to Ashavari and the museum for hosting us (we’ll have news about our collaborations with them soon)!



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