Perfect Gothic Prom Dresses

It’s nearly that time of year again! If you’re attending prom you may be considering ways of bringing your unique style into your formal attire. Here are some outfit ideas featuring Gloomth dresses that would make killer prom looks!

red taffeta gothic prom dressred taffeta gothic prom dress

Sexy Dark Prom Look- Lots of schools have dress codes for their prom events, sometimes you can’t get away with a ton of skin on display or a super short dress, to maintain an air of dark sexiness despite our “Ember” dress makes a great option. It’s made of lush blood red taffeta and has corset and lace details. Pair it with satin gloves, killer heels, and a few sparkling black necklaces for a Gothic look.

gothic lolita prom dress

Gothic Doll Prom Style- Our “Alouette” dress is packed with detail and charm! In all black it makes a great base to a lolita inspired prom look. Pair it with lace tights, rocking-horse shoes or bow heels, wrist cuffs, and a floral headpiece for the perfect evening look with loads of lolita style.

gothic prom dress

Decadent Gothic Prom Ensemble- Start with our “Obsidian” dress with it’s velvet, lace, and cotton details. Pair it with vinyl-look tights, platform heels, and a ton of sparkling and silver long necklaces pinned at the waist like a belt. Finish with a veiled hat. This super detailed dark look will have all eyes on you at your event!

We’ll have more ideas and articles this season on how to incorporate your personal style into your prom or formal looks. Not every formal event calls for a boring cheap satin dress! 😉


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