Four Things That Are Inspiring Me Right Now

taeden hall gloomth

One of those most common interview questions I get is “What Inspires you?”. I always want to answer “most everything, or the shadow of it at least” but usually end up writing some vague response citing historical eras and wildflowers. So instead of regurgitating the same “valid whenever someone reads this” answer here are some things I’m quite excited about right now in no particular order!

vintage sandwich loaf food photographyvintage recipe pastel pink

Vintage Recipe Photography– Obsessed, flat out obsessed with vintage food photos right now. Those curiously pastel food shots of recipes you’d never ever eat from your mom’s 1950s/60’s cookbooks. The recipes themselves are weird and revolting enough, but it’s the photography that really inspires me right now. The colors are so unnatural and perfect, and it seems every food photographer had a red tablecloth background.

Victorian Hairwork Jewelry- Not sure this counts as my thing for mourning and antiquated “womens'” crafts hasn’t waned in a decade, but I am working on learning the basics of this craft myself. Spoiler- without the proper antique tools (and likely even with them) this hobby is scary difficult. Will post any successful attempts once any happen! 😛

Not my photo!
Not my photo!

Lace Making- I’m taking a lace making class next month! So excited to try my hand at knotting my own ornate lace pieces. I promise to post lots of photos and maybe even a tutorial if I figure it out adequately! I’m fascinated by the idea of weaving my own lace bits for projects, and was lucky enough to find a group class for it right near my home.

nest hair clip gloomth

Photography- I’ve been taking photos for Gloomth since last year and it’s been such fun. I wish I’d started this earlier. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings in these experiments for me! Photography has been a great outlet for me and it feeds my scary-control-freak-ness by allowing me even more control over my finished images and their release.

What’s inspiring you? Are you learning any new things in 2016? 


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