A Day Out With Taeden

This is just a quick series of photos I took on a Saturday! I figured rather than answer yet another flurry of questions about myself I’d do a little photo essay instead. I’ve seen these types of series before and found the glimpse into someone else’s daily life interesting so maybe some of you will find this so.

This day did not feature any events or photoshoots, it was my friend’s birthday so we wandered some art galleries and vintage shops in the city and then went for dinner. It was a perfect opportunity for me to do a “day with me” photo essay, and get some more practice with my pink camera! 😉


Waking up slowly which has caused my kitties to crowd on top of me out of frustration. Goblin (black-ish) and Atticus (tabby).

Getting ready! Yes, I am 31 and that is my Hello Kitty light up mirror and pastel retro makeup table collage.

Cafe breakfast! So good to start the day with friends and home-fried potatoes. 😉 Planning our route for the afternoon.

First stop were some junk and thrift stores along the route. I love vintage shopping dearly so this was one of my favorite parts of the day!

vintage shopping toronto

Old toys!!!!!!! It was so difficult not buying all of the old scary and mangy toys. My toy shelf above my bed is quite full right now so I am not letting myself hoard any more toys til I figure out a better display for them. Look at that hairless scary baby by the sign!!

vintage toy shopping torontovintage shopping toronto

Gorgeous vintage clothing. Fell in love with a marabou jacket in pastel blue but really did not need a $200 dressing jacket, heh. There I am in the mirror! Lovely old decor pieces in another shop, including this stunning chandelier.

vintage shopping toronto

Loved this beautiful old carousel horse in a vintage shop, I wish I had an enormous home studio big enough for such a thing! It would be so excellent for photoshoots.

vintage shopping toronto

vintage shopping toronto

Mirror-self! 😛 Not sure why I look so grumpy….focusing on taking the photo maybe?

project gallery toronto queen east erin loree

erin loree project gallery toronto

These colorful abstract pieces at Project Gallery were astounding. They absolutely vibrated with energy! They’re by a local artist named Erin Loree who went to the same university as I did (according to her website, I don’t know her personally). If you’re local this show is on til October 14th and you should definitely go and see her beautiful paintings.

Some outfit and self photos from the day! It was terribly windy and damp so please forgive my tangled messy hair. Am (sadly) not wearing Gloomth in these, that’s a Baby the Stars Shine Bright jumperskirt, H&M blouse and fake fur scarf, vintage sailor jacket, Btssb beret, and GH Bass shoes.

taeden hall gloomth

taeden hall gloomth

queen street east art gallery toronto

Above is another lovely piece we saw at a different gallery, I am sorry I didn’t write down who created this one. The following photos were taken at a collaborative art store/space called Arts Market near me. It’s an awesome space where artists, craftspeople, and creative folk rent display space in this large warehouse type environment. Perfect gift shopping!

arts market toronto

arts market toronto queen east

Then some relaxing sketching (and waiting out the rain) in a coffee shop. It was nice to just be still and draw with my friends in a quiet space before the group dinner. That’s my piano wallet there, looking tattered as heck but I just can’t seem to find a replacement I like nearly as well.

Afterwards we headed back east to have sushi with more friends and celebrate a birthday! Yes, that’s a birthday candle in green tea ice cream. 🙂

toronto queen st east

I hope you enjoyed this little day-out photo essay! 🙂 Let me know if there are topics you’d like to see other photo essays on from me!


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