Five Easy Gothic Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of yearrrr! Halloween season! This time of year everyone seems so busy, events, birthdays, etc.- so if you’re still brainstorming your Halloween outfit for this year here are some ideas using Gloomth designs as a base! Hopefully they’ll inspire you. 🙂

All of these costume ideas are leaning towards a gothic style, dark takes on classic themes that will utilize items you likely already own in your closet for accessories and props. Some are cute, some are spooky.

goth sailor dress

Goth Sailor– Ahoy! This spooky cute take on a classic Halloween look uses our “Nautical” dress! Pair it with stripey socks, platforms, and a little sailor cap (any costume shop will have those for under $10 or make one out of paper). Big smokey black eyeshadow and glitter reminiscent of the sea at night will complete your costume easily.

gurololita nurse outfit

Gothic Nurse With our “Medic” dress as a base this costume basically builds itself. Pair it with your favorite stompy boots, fishnets, and arm warmers for a dark adaptation of this medical themed Halloween costume. Use reds and blacks for your makeup to keep the colors consistent throughout your outfit.

victorian mourning dress

Victorian Doll- This costume is perfect for attending a more elegant Halloween event. Pair our “Victoria” dress with pale makeup (think big lashes and shades of grey, with pale pink lips) and carry a porcelain thrift shop doll as an accessory. Finish with a big headbow or Victorian style bonnet.

kawaii skeleton dress

Gothic Skeleton or Zombie– The perfect costume for those of you who aren’t sick of zombie-makeup yet. 😉 Our “Skeleton” dress makes a perfect base for a cute skeleton/zombie look! Do skeleton or zombie makeup in blacks (or bright pastels for a fresher version). Wear the dress with stompy platforms, torn tights, and with big messy hair with leaves and spiderwebs pinned in.

gothic circus costume

Gothic Circus Performer- This decadent costume will be a show stopper! Pair our “Spelterini” dress with a big black beaded choker and glittering hair accessories. Accessorize with a little paper parasol (hit up Chinatown or any costume shop for one). Keep your makeup dark and retro inspired, red lips with black eyeliner and seemingly flawless skin. Finish with black and white heels.

Happy Almost Halloween!


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