4 Dresses for Early Spring

We’re so grateful for the arrival of spring this year! Winter was full of snow and cold and we’re just so excited to not wear heavy boots and coats. Spring is also a great time of year for dresses! 😀

We love simple cotton dresses as a starting point to so many cute springy outfits! Here are 4 quick outfits featuring some of our most popular dress designs.

victorian mourning gothic lolita dress gloomth

Gothic Victorian Promenade Outfit– Spring is a perfect time to get back outside. Our “Victoria” dress is a beautiful Victorian inspired piece. With it’s long sleeves and high neckline it will keep cool breezes out, pair it with a shawl draped round your shoulders and woven black patterned tights and granny boots for extra warmth. This dress is available in sizes XS-2XL or custom made to measure.

gothic lolita jumperskirt blue flowers gloomth

Retro Rose Garden– The flowers may not be up in our area yet but that hasn’t stopped us from being inspired by their beauty! Our “Frost Flower” jumperskirt is a great focal point to a vintage spring style. Pair it with a lovely blue or pale pink cardigan and otk socks, finish with kitten heels. Voila the perfect retro-feel!

gothic fashion toronto gloomth

Vampire Doll- Create a dramatic dark look this spring! Pair our “Sorrow” dress in black with red crystal jewelry and high Gothic boots for a decadent spring evening look. A faux fur wrap will keep the chill off while you hurry to your next party.

lolita fashion handmade by gloomth

Spring Flower Girl- For a lolita inspired spring style we’d use our “Chrysanthemum” dress in ivory cotton! Pair it with sparkling jewelry and pink tights or otk socks and bows added to your hair and shoes. We love how frilly and sweet this dress can look when coordinated.


One thought on “4 Dresses for Early Spring

  1. All these are beautiful! I love all these ideas as well. It’s been hitting the 50’s here and I have been able to put away my jeans for a bit and whip out some long skirts and Lolita skirts and it’s just amazing!

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