Photoshoot Highlights of 2014!

2014 was such a great year for us for photoshoots! We completed a minimum of 2 per month (apart from December) and this meant I got to style so many different outfits and themes. It was wonderful meeting and collaborating with so many talented people!!!

Here are some highlights from 2014 shoots. In no particular order.

Click the links to see the entire shoots on our flickr. 🙂

Memento Mori

Memento Mori“- The shoot for the launch of our “Memento Mori” collection will always feel a bit special to me. The collection was one of great personal importance, a way to work through grief and to acknowledge death- and to make something beautiful out of the experience, that would resonate with others. The haunting, pale images my brother shot for this series embodied the collection perfectly and Savija Ellis turned my crazy “let’s make crowns out of HAIR” idea a reality flawlessly.


Ardent“- This shoot was a styling challenge to myself (and just challenging). I wanted to style something over the top but not specifically for an alternative audience. A lot of my work has to showcase the clothes in ways that they might be worn every day, to show the items at their best rather than in elaborate high fashion ways- where they might be distorted or even concealed. This was the first shoot where I felt really confident in my styling work and got super creative with the items! So excited to challenge myself more with this sort of work in 2015!!!

Skeleton Valentine

Skeleton Valentine“- Gloomth’s collaboration with the “House of Pomegranates” has always rendered incredible results across an array of mediums. We’re blessed by their input, inspiration, and talent quite regularly. Our “Skeleton Valentine” shoot is moody and sweet, with a charming quirkiness that only HoP delivers.

Summer Day

“Summer Day”– Sometimes photoshoots just feel like hanging out with your friends! We did so many fun smaller shoots this year, and it gave us a chance to expand our model roster and work on more casual/charming shoots. I love our “Summer Day” set as it so reminds me how a great team can make something beautiful feel so effortless.

Dark Bunny

Dark Bunny” was another styling challenge to myself! It’s tricky making a t-shirt look like anything but casual but I think we managed to pull it off with elaborate makeup and styling otherwise. The end results of this shoot are so dreamy and lovely also.

This post could go on forever, honestly. We completed so many interesting shoots last year and had so much fun with them! I can’t wait to get back to it this coming weekend (with our first new designs of 2015 also).

My 2015 styling goals are to do more creative/unusual looks, learn more hair styling techniques, and get even crazier with makeup. As well as perhaps try my hand at more creative behind the scenes shooting. 🙂


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