Vintage Halloween Costumes

vintage halloween costumes 1800s
Late 1800s childrens’ costumes

Some of the most inspiring and spooky Halloween costumes are those of past eras! Before you could buy an entire costume in a bag most people had to sew their own, or assemble one out of items they already owned. Here are a few of my favorite vintage and antique Halloween costume photos!

The 1920s featured some great Halloween costume inspiration. Particularly Clara Bow’s variety of Halloween looks and photos! I am quite fond of her shoes in the second photo below.

Clara Bow photographed by Robert Ritchie
Clara Bow photographed by Robert Ritchie
clara bow halloween pumpkin vintage antique
Clara Bow and a very odd giant pumpkin
vintage halloween 1920s costumes party
1923 Halloween Party advertisement.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras had some really elaborate and lovely costumes! Most were intended for masquerades and Halloween balls. The bat costume below is from 1887.

1887 bat costume vintage halloween victorian

cabbage costume victorian vintage halloween
Cabbage costume???

Some vintage costumes were kind of silly. Loved this paper bag monster one!

vintage halloween costume
Scary bag monster costume.

And this one looks like it used a petticoat as a ghost shroud.

vintage halloween
Scarrrrry petticoat ghost.

Happy Almost Halloween everyone!


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