Ways to Wear Our “Aristocracy” Blouse

gothic victorian blouse gloomth

Our “Aristocracy” blouse is a great top to coordinate into a variety of looks and styles! It’s available in 8 different colors and sizes XS-XXL (or custom tailored).  Today we’re going to cover 3 quick ideas for using it in outfits. 🙂

1. Slightly Gothic Victorian- The “Aristocracy” blouse in black has loads of Victorian mourning inspired details. With it’s high collar and classic silhouette it works beautifully paired with a long skirt or bustled skirt for a Gothic Victorian feel. Finish with some gloves and a hat, and maybe a cameo brooch.

2.  Casual Classic Lolita- This blouse in white or cream makes a great simple blouse for a Classic Lolita look. Pair it with a cotton bell skirt- like our “Dahlia“- in a coordinating color, with otk socks, and a head bow for a charming and simple daytime style.

3. Dark Evening Style– Wear a sleek corset or waist cincher over our “Aristocracy” top for a sexy evening style. Pair with our “Whisper” tutu skirt and killer heeled boots and all eyes will be on you!

gothic lolita blouse gloomth


How would you coordinate this blouse?


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