Behind the Scenes at “Downtown Dark”

chicken coop

We have a lot of fun at our shoots, some more than others. Our “Downtown Dark” shoot consisted of a great deal of giggling as we wandered the crowded city streets at dusk. The photographer, Russel Hall, and I got to the area a bit early so we had lots of time to explore and pick some good backdrops. And also spot chickens in a small coop beside an apartment building! (I love chickens!)

It was such fun exploring Chinatown so thoroughly. Mistress McCutchan looked amazing in our “Sorrow” dress in black paired with her own line of jewelry!


miss tissue head vintage tissue box cover doll

A close up of my portable makeup kit and the lovely vintage tissue box cover I use to hide the ugly hockey team brand tissues I have in my kit presently.

posing with gloomth model

One of the perils of shooting in a busy public space are random people wanting to pose for photos with our model. The above girl was very sweet about taking a photo with our model, the resulting snap we took looks like a scene from the world’s most awkward sitcom…

drunk woman posing with gloomth model

And above we have the (very) tipsy lady who made me hold her liquor store bag while she posed with our “delighted” Mistress McCutchan. 😛 Oh geez. Gloomth is always a spectacle, that’s for sure.

3d kittens

While exploring Chinatown I was summoned by the $1.50 “3D” kittens and bunnies posters! Of course the kittens are now hanging on my fridge where they will be viewed by all guests. Beautiful holographic kittens (and wine glasses to their left).

chinatown toronto chinatown toronto

One aspect I like about these neighborhood type shoots is that we get to really explore an area in the city. Spot the interesting graffiti and all sorts of spaces you’d normally pass right by without seeing.

toronto dusk chinatown

The sun set over the city and we called it a day! What a great shoot with a fantastic team. 🙂



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