Macabre Art by Sergio Padovani


sergio padovani artwork

I could look at Italian artist Sergio Padovani’s paintings for hours. They seem to contain a haunting narrative, threads of dreams or some dark story.

sergio padovani artwork eerie macabre


Dripping, textural figures and monsters emerge from strange landscapes. Obviously his work is right up our spooky alley! 🙂

sergio padovani artwork


sergio padovani artwork

His website states:

“This is the narration of inexplicable  “recherche” on corporeity, on its miseries and yet its beauty, always and anyway.

This is the demanding of imperfection and its self-satisfied purity,
the beginning of a strange, inadequate, everlasting happiness.”

There are so many more paintings and pieces of his on his website! I recommend going there if you need to become lost in a beautiful macabre world this dreary Monday. 🙂

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