My Top 5 Photoshoot Makeup Standbys


I do 99% of the makeup for our photoshoots myself. Originally we hired makeup artists but I am kind of (read- very) bossy and it just seemed smarter/kinder for me to use those funds to buy myself a decent kit and some books on the subject. 5 years later I haven’t looked back and creating the makeup looks for our shoots has become one of my favorite parts of every photoshoot! 🙂

Makeup to me is less about enhancing features than it is about expression and play. I like color, I like messy eyes, I like glitter. Sometimes we do subdued pretty looks but they aren’t my favorite to create.

Today I am listing 5 things in my photoshoot makeup kit I use for almost every shoot we do! My makeup kit standby’s (aside from brushes and a kit box of course). Everyone’s list will be different and I don’t claim to be a professional makeup artist by any measure, but maybe you’re into makeup also and are curious. 🙂


1. Kryolan Aquacolor in Black- Love Kryolan’s products, but their aquacolor range is my favorite. They’re basically water activated opaque blend able colors. The black is my go to for an eyeshadow base for big dark Gothy eyes or as an easily blended eyeliner. Easy clean up and so wonderful to work with.

2. Revlon  “Photoready Skinlights”- Love this for creating a little highlight on cheekbones or to enhance the cupid’s bow of the lips. Looks beautiful and natural in photos and blends nicely into foundation. Comes in a bunch of colors for almost every skin tone.

3. DUO Lash Glue- We use a lot of fake eyelashes in our shoots and even make some of our own! DUO is the only lash glue I’ve found that works perfectly and is even great for sticking little jewels and faux pearls to your skin.

4. Faux Pearls & Gems– Love little touches of pearl, gemstones, and even tiny fake flowers in makeup. Stick them on with eyelash glue around the eyes to add detail and focus attention.

5. Lip Pencils- In a few colors/shades. These are great for defining the lips or creating a matte color base on them. I hardly ever do a shoot without whipping a lip pencil out.

There are loads of non-makeup things I can’t do without at shoots- from makeup wipes to disposable mascara wands, but that’s not the topic today. 🙂

What makeup products are you obsessed with?


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