La Carmina and Gloomth in Toronto


Recently I had the absolute pleasure of spending a day with La Carmina! We’ve been collaborating remotely since nearly the beginning of Gloomth, yet we’d never managed to meet in person. So when she emailled saying she’d be local and doing a feature on my home town I leapt to help get it coordinated!

gloomth-toronto-gothic-lolita-clothing-hotel.SONY DSC SONY DSC I have to say it was *such* a great day! 🙂

We began by doing a mini photoshoot at One King West Hotel where she was staying (and reviewing). The hotel was incredibly gracious about us running around posing and laughing everywhere. It was heaps of fun! What a lovely space as well.

gloomth-toronto-gothic-lolita-clothing-hotel. gloomth-toronto-gothic-lolita-clothing-hotel.

We then met up with Ashavari, Linda, Karen, and Mao for some additional modeling and photoshooting throughout the city.


This is the first blog article from the day and is mainly about the hotel itself. Lots of silly photos of me wearing our “Valance” dress in a red plaid. All of the photos here are nabbed from her blog, where there are loads more- so go check it out and read about One King West in Toronto. 🙂


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