Various Personal Photos

Finally! A personal photo post! We’ve been using our Fridays here to post behind the scenes photos from our shoots, so I haven’t been posting too many specifically personal photos and things. But I shall do so today. 🙂



There is a very daft robin trying to nest by the door to my parents’ house on the shelves where they usually have rows of planters. We found it over Easter weekend so to deter the robins I surprised them with some eggs. 😛


This clearly did not have the desired effect….As the next day there was a second nest beside the first. Only much more half-assed (weirdly).


I redecorated my home office a while back. This is a snap of the space above my sewing desk. Including a banner with our ugly original logo on it.


Found this photo of me my first Halloween in Toronto. I am maybe 18 here. My friend and I had dressed as ghosts (kind of tasteless renditions in retrospect). That is the Infamous At Home Haircut, I used to cut my own hair in art school and it always seemed to have shoulder length tendrils I’d braid and tie cord to and the rest sort of choppy and weird. It wasn’t a good look.


I haven’t been dressing up as much as I ought to be, I’ve just been swamped with things around here the last while. I’m hoping to get back to being frilly more often and less tired very soon. Wearing a pink dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright here and a wicked vintage sequin hat.


What I wore to tour about with La Carmina recently! A red plaid version of our “Valance” dress (and another vintage hat)! 🙂

red plaid lolita taeden taeden

My cat Goblin always tries to cuddle up to Atticus, my other kitty, whenever he is asleep. As he wont cuddle her willingly. He usually wakes up to her inching ever closer, blinking slowly and lovingly at him- and is never impressed by her affections.


delilah noir

One of my book shelves with the Delilah Noir doll wearing Gloomth by Ashton Drake (as well as Kyary stickers, a copy of Carmilla I illustrated, and tiny dinosaurs).

Have a great weekend everyone!


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