Behind the Scenes at our “Memento Mori” shoot

Here are some behind the scenes photos from preparing for our “Memento Mori” shoot and during the shoot itself! We hope you enjoy the little look at what goes on behind all of the photo series we create. 🙂 All taken by Russel Hall.

gloomth concept art


Concept sketches! I always try to quickly sketch out the coordinates for each shoot and which model will be wearing what. It’s especially helpful at large scale shoots to have something to go back to make sure I don’t forget details.

makeup at gloomth shoot syringe gloomth model ashavari gloomth


Makeup time! For this shoot we did a look inspired by red-eyed weeping widows and deathly pallor. It was a lot of fun and looked really great on all 3 models.


No pre-shoot ritual would be complete without Goblin, my black-ish kitty, bugging everyone present to play with her. She has a bad toy-fetching addiction.

savija ellis for gloomth hair crown gloomth hair crown gloomth hair crown gloomth gloomth photoshoot IMGP3337

For this shoot we had the amazing Savija Ellis handling the hair styling! She took my vague “let’s do crowns out of HAIR” inspiration and transformed it into the wicked hair styles you see in the series.

hair crown

We may post a tutorial on doing the hair crowns at home, but they wont be quite as elaborate as the ones created for this shoot. Look at all the braids weaving through!

giant toy bunny

We made a giant rabbit doll for the shoot and of course everyone had to pose him luridly on my furniture. Poor Pooka!

hair crown lolita gloomth

hair crown braid gloomth gothic fashion hair crown IMGP3490


Checking out the view from the studio we rented for the day. It was of an alleyway…

gloomth syringe model hair crown by gloomth makeup at gloomth behind the scenes gloomth

Last minute lipstick touch ups and wardrobe details. Me hunched on the floor pinning bows to Syringe’s socks. (The tattoo is from Lord of the Rings and very old).

gloomth behind the scenes gloomth models cheshirecat kuroihitomi kuroihitomi and cheshirecat for gloomth camera equipment ashavari for gloomth


So thats our day behind the scenes for our Memento Mori photoshoot!


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