New “Victoria” Dress!

victorian mourning apparel

In the Victorian era “Deep Mourning” was a period of 1 year (or more depending on your relationship to the deceased) where one wore entirely black clothing in memory of a newly dead loved one. Certain fabrics and styles were adopted during this time, often black crepe and jet beading were included in the clothing. The mourner would refuse social invitations for the duration of this period. As time progressed the restrictions on colors and fabric types lessened, to “Half Mourning” (darker shades often trimmed with black) and finally back to a colorful wardrobe. Designers of mourning apparel had to get very clever about creating monochromatic garments and accessories that were still beautiful and fashionable to their customers.

Though Western culture has largely abandoned such strict mourning practices there is something beautiful about such an outward and lasting display of grief. An emotion almost entirely concealed from public view in modern funeral/mourning practices.

victorian mourning dress

Our “Victoria” mourning dress is our updated take on a late Victorian mourning dress. Historical influences spun with Gloomth’s signature strangeness result in a concoction entirely unique. Part of Gloomth’s new “Memento Mori” collection for spring/summer 2014.

victorian mourning dress

Created in a traditional monochromatic mourning style it is full of lush detail. This dress is available in two lengths (shown in the shorter length on our model).

victorian mourning dress by gloomth

Features black velvet ribbon detailing at the bodice and cuffs. With a high Victorian style collar, false front button closure, and long sleeves it evokes all the tradition of Victorian mourning apparel while still being modern and charming.



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