New “Lyre” Dress!

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The lyre, an ancient Greek string instrument, can often be seen carved onto tombstones and mausoleums. As a symbol it represents the connection between heaven and earth, as angels were imagined playing lyres. When depicted with a broken string it indicates the end of a mortal life.

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Our “Lyre” dress is just the thing to wear to arrange your own deathly composition. Swagged ruffles along the skirt echo the instruments bowed frame, the lacing at the bodice reminiscent of it’s strings.

gothic lolita babydoll dress by gloomth corset babydoll dress by gloomth

Part of our new “Memento Mori” collection for 2014, designs inspired by the rituals of mourning, death, and the shadowy mystery of the unknown.

gothic lolita crown by gloomth gothic mourning by gloomth

The “Lyre” dress is inspired by traditional headstone carvings. Of the beautiful symbolism associated with death and remembrance. The dress itself has a darling babydoll shape with a full skirt and black voile sleeves. It’s loaded with details and decadence, lace, ribbon, and bows.


2 thoughts on “New “Lyre” Dress!

  1. Beautiful post. I love how you’ve explained the symbolism of the lyre and the way that appears in the dress. The dress itself is also beautiful – and I think the fact that it’s entirely black is somehow very powerful.

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