New “Robe Du Crâne” Dress!

embroidered skull formal goth dress

Part of Gloomth’s new “Memento Mori” collection for spring 2014! Our “Robe du Crâne” dress is the decadent, heart stopping, formal jewel of this collection. It translates directly to “Dress of the Skull”.

gloomth handmade fashion

Inspired by death itself, it’s focal point is an ornate embroidered lace skull emblem filling nearly the entire bodice of the dress. Death made beautiful, framed by a formal dress dripping with lush detail and texture. A nod to the end, in morbid curiosity and reverence instead of fear.

Reminiscent of the embroidered skulls used by Alexander McQueen in his spring 2009 show:

Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote 

“You are bones, and what of that?

Every face, however full,

Padded round with flesh and fat,

Is but modell’d on a skull.”

Memento Mori, remember you will die- and therefore live every moment as feverishly, creatively, and artfully as you can.

memento mori embroidered skull dress gloomth

Our “Robe du Crâne“‘s shape is inspired by the Robe a l’Anglaise or close-fitted gown of the 18th Century. It has elbow length sleeves and a flattering fitted bodice with a pointed hem that sits smoothly against a skirt full of ruffles and frills. The skirt features two swags of black cotton which can be gathered at the sides with removable mesh ties or left to hang flat over the skirt. Decorated with ruffles, bows, and mesh details- this stunning dress is perfect for the next important evening engagement on your calendar.


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