Behind the Scenes At Our “Ardent” Shoot

gloomth photoshoot behind the scenes ellie model feathers high fashion shoot stylist taeden
Pinning things to Ellie.

Come behind the scenes with us at our recent “Ardent” photoshoot with models Kissobelle and Ellie, and photographer Peter Hart! πŸ™‚

gloomth ellie behind the scenes

gloomth photoshoot behind the scenes
I am a very serious stylist, obviously. πŸ˜› And yes that is a vintage 60s kimono style housecoat I have been wearing around despite how enormous it makes me seem.
gloomth model
Gloomth model Ellie is ready to rock this shoot!

It was a lot of fun creating high fashion inspired ensembles using Gloomth designs for this shoot. We primarily shoot catalogue style looks, where the clothes are used similarly to how they will be in “real life” (even if our concepts/settings are nothing like real life).

taeden and kissobelle gloomth
Kissobelle and Me (on left).

gothic retro punk style fashion photoshoot gloomth kissobelle gloomth fashion punk style 2014

Ellie and Kissobelle are total rockstars and looked incredible in the resulting photos. We had a great time shooting this series. πŸ™‚

gloomth models photoshoot behind the scenes
Very serious Gloomth team is not at all full of mischief and inappropriate behavior. Nope. Not in the least…
ellie fashion gloomth gothic style photoshoot
Ellie looking terribly amazing.

gloomth kissobelle gothic high fashion gloomth photoshoot IMGP6859

What sorts of things would you like to see from our behind the scenes coverage? More video? Maybe on-set interviews? More goofing off? πŸ™‚


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