Things in My Apartment

I recently inherited a fairly grown-up camera from a friend of mine who doesn’t use it anymore, so I’ve been taking a lot of dumb photos trying to learn how to use the device. So today’s Personal Friday Post is just going to be photos of things around my apartment. Like a house tour- but not really as it’s just objects. 😛

1960s ceramic wall decoration bunny acid green

Mid century acid green bunny! There are two of these bunnies living on the wall in my bathroom. I am slowly preparing to repaint my bathroom but I keep buying silly things to stick on the walls, almost subconsciously making it more annoying to paint and just delaying that part further.

gloomth keychains

In process photo of the new mini keychains we’re working on! They’ll be going out with orders for the next while until we run out. Alongside stickers and our regular fun goodies. 🙂

Me. Vintage dressing jacket (of course)!

taeden hall

Looking into my bedroom from the living room. My cluttered bookcase and Atticus on the bed (no, I don’t make the bed mom). A few members of my hat collection on the wall (maybe 1/4th of it). Yes that is a Ouija board planchette on the wall (the board is across the room on another wall).


A pair of amazing vintage cowboy boots I fell in love with recently. Now if the damned snow could melt so I could get back to stomping about in these! Maybe it’s the hick in me rising to the surface but I love these with frilly dresses right now. 🙂

vintage cowboy boots

Have a great weekend everyone!


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