Classic Lolita Makeup Tutorial

classic lolita makeup

Today’s tutorial covers an easy complete makeup look ideal for a classic lolita style or a dolly inspired ensemble. No professional makeup skills needed- this look is easily achieved and can be done so with all sorts of accessible products. Think of it as a guideline or inspiration for your own classic loli’ makeup.

gloomth classic lolita sleeping

Products We Used:

*Just a note- feel free to substitute brands or colors for your preferences. This list just covers what we used for this exact look as a guideline.*

-Eyeshadow brushes, lipstick brush, blush brush, foundation sponge/brush.

-Black eyeliner or dark brown, preferably a blendable liquid or a blendable crayon type. We used Maybelline’s “Eye Studio” in black.

-Dark brown eyeshadow (we used Urban Decay’s “Secret Service” hue as well as a cheap matte brown by Sephora, any browns you like will work).

-Matte pink eyeshadow- we chose a cool blue based pink for this look but select a shade that works best with your skin.

-Highlight eyeshadow- We used Sugarpill’s “Diamond Eyes”

-Mascara in black or darkest brown. Whichever brand you like best is fine!

-False eyelashes and eyelash glue (optional), we like taking apart cheap lashes and rebanding them to create custom styles. We use “DUO” eyelash glue, it’s the best we’ve found for the purpose. We love false eyelashes for a big eyed dolly look.

-Lip Liner- We used Estee Lauder’s lip liner in “Spice”. We love lip liners for creating a full pout and because they last for ages when worn.

-Lip gloss- We used Kryolan’s gloss in clear, but you can use whichever color you like best.

-Foundation- Your brand and color is best.

-Skin Highlighter (optional). To achieve a bright healthy glow! We used Revlon’s “Photoready Skinlights” which we love as an accent and instant glow. It comes in loads of colors so just pick the one that matches your complexion best.

-Eyebrow filler (we used Anabelle’s eyebrow pencil) this is optional, but if you’re going to do your whole face in makeup you might as well perfect your brows. Since this look doesn’t have a dramatic or extreme element it’s important to make sure all the little details- like eyebrows- are set.

-Blush (your favorite shade), we used Estee Lauder’s blush in “Pink Kiss”.

classic lolita makeup

Step One:

Begin by sweeping a base of matte pink across your entire eyelid. Blend it up onto the brow bone with a fluffy brush to fade it out, make sure there are no sharp edges showing where the pink ends and your skin begins.

Step Two:

Use your blendable eyeliner and make a small line along the base of your eyelashes along your entire upper eyelid. Then use a blending brush to blur it up into the pink. No sharp edges or lines.

Step Three:

Take your brown eyeshadows and run a tiny amount just above the eyeliner and fill in the corner of your outer eyelid with it and blend into the pink and along the crease of your eyelid. This creates a flattering shape on almost every type of face and eye shape, by shading the outer corner of your eyes you are making them seem larger. Run a faint amount of brown eyeshadow under your lower eyelashes, focusing on keeping it towards the outer corner, blend blend blend.

Step Four:

Highlight your eyes! Apply your shimmering highlight powder to the inside corner of your eyes and blend into the pink. A little underneath your eyebrows on the brown bone, towards the outer edge of your eyebrow, looks great too. Fill in and tidy your eyebrows now also if you are doing so!

Step Five:

Add your mascara! Now is a great time to put on your false eyelashes if you want to opt for those.

Step Six:

Foundation! Apply your foundation. We often do this after completing your eye makeup as it’s easy to clean up eyeshadow fallout with foundation or correct little mistakes.

Step Seven:

Blush! Apply your favorite blush high on the apples of your cheeks. Remember to keep blush somewhat higher than the natural apple of your cheek, it’s easy to apply it to the apple when smiling but when you stop smiling it can sometimes look like the blush is too low on your face.

Step Eight:

Highlight your cheeks! We used the Revlon liquid highlighter on the upper cheekbone below the outer corner of the eyes (in a rounded “c” shape from the corner of your eye to the center of it, on the cheek). This creates a healthy bright glow that is natural and sweet!

Step Nine:

Lips! Line the outside of your lips, liner is great for correcting shape and making your lips seem larger and more full! We also like to use it as a lip color, just blend it out over your lips. Finish with a bit of clear lipgloss kept towards the center of your mouth (if you apply gloss to the whole lips it can sometimes pool or look drool-y, also keeping it towards the center makes your lips seem larger and more full). For bonus points take a little of your skin highlighter and dab it in the center of your cupid’s bow above your top lip, this will reflect light and make your lips seem even more full.

VOILA! An easy and complete face makeup look for your classic lolita style! Customize it to suit your own personal style and colors.


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