Gloomth End of Year Sample Sale

Sample Sale time! The year is winding down and we’re tidying up our samples closet to make room for new things for the new year (including a themed line we’re excitedly working on). All of these pieces can be shipped worldwide for $10 ($5 within Ontario). If you’d like any of them send me an email at (first to pay gets the item).

“Apparition” Dress- Size Small (Bust 34-36″, Waist 26-28.5″) $90 (original price $130)

apparition dress

This is the original sample for this dress, so exactly as you see in the photo. Has been worn for shoots but never more than for an hour or two in controlled conditions. Color is bright white with white lace trim and ribbon details.

Unique “Ghost” Style Skirt– Size Small (Waist 26-28.5″) One of a Kind! $45

Raw 100% cotton interior and high waist. Zipper closure. Damask overlay. Will include the ribbon for the corset lacing (not shown).

“Lady Brandon” Tennis Dress– Size Medium (Bust- 36-37″, Waist- 28-29″) $50

Long discontinued! Part of our “St.Gloomth’s Academy” line originally. Pleated skirt, heavy medium weight woven fabric, long sleeves, cream accents. Missing the matching tie. Worn once for a shoot for about 1 hour. Beautiful dress!
“Sideshow” Striped Bloomers– Size Large (Waist- 36-39″, Hips- 46″) $45 (SOLD)

Brand new! These were made for a cancelled order. Black and white stripe cotton, elastic waist, adorable and frilly!

Striped Corset Dress– Size 1XL(ish) (Bust- 46″, Waist- 39.5″) $100 (SOLD)

*We have had a lot of interest in this dress, if you would like one made to order we will accept orders for them in any size today (Dec 17th) only. $120 + shipping made to order. This dress will not be released as a design to the public.*


Sorry for the truly wretched photo! Originally our new “Fancy Bow” skirt was going to be a dress, but I want to change the bodice significantly before we bring it to the catalogue. This original sample was mocked up in a larger size and is truly one of a kind! Laced bodice, elastic puffed sleeves, back zipper.

If you would like any of these pieces please send me an email! 🙂 First to pay gets them, sorry no holds.


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