Friday Frivolity

Fridays I’ve been trying to post personal (as in not directly Gloomth related) stuff or behind the scenes snaps from our shoots. 🙂 Today’s post is just a bunch of personal photos from touring about in my own city. Sometimes it’s nice to explore your home.


The foggy/rainy view from the art gallery. The spotted building is actually the university I attended (and probably one of the crown jewels of Toronto’s exceedingly bad architectural resume).


Went to the Bowie exhibit at the AGO on it’s second to last day. It was packed and that made it super difficult to see any of the displays or really relax in the space. We did get to wander the gallery briefly after which was nice.


My hair was a rain/wind tattered mess that day. I did get to wear my dress covered in vintage doilies so that is something. 😉


Concept art for a shoot we did on the 1st! 🙂 Can’t wait to see those pictures!!!


On another rainy day I wore Gloomth’s “Union Jack” dress with a discontinued Gloomth hoodie and a vintage blue hat. Another wretched rain-hair day. 😦

toronto aquarium

I have been looking forward to the new aquarium in Toronto since they announced it’s construction. It’s a wonder I managed to wait til December to go! It’s very beautiful. It was super crowded also.


toronto aquarium

There was a tunnel that weaves through one of the large tanks and you stand on a conveyor belt are shunted along under the fish/sharks/turtles. That was quite incredible.

toronto aquarium jelly toronto aquarium jellyfish IMGP4954

I tried to dress “nautical” and ended up with a vintage hat and a dress with a cream stripe…Not so accurate but at least it wasn’t raining.

taeden hall

Goofy photo of my head. 😛

Just a note our cut-off for Xmas orders is the 8th. We will likely extend that deadline to the middle of next week, but if you need your items by the 25th get your order placed asap to make sure of that. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


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