Behind the Scenes Lost Doll Shoot

autumn leaves
The woods was especially pretty that day!

Recently we set out with model Ellie and photographer Photosphynx to make use of the gorgeous autumn foliage! It was a small shoot, where we transformed Ellie into a broken doll abandoned in the woods.

All serious all the time, that’s how we do things ’round here (not). 😛

ellie for gloomthEllie made the perfect eerily beautiful doll. She wore our “Abbey” blouse and “Dahlia” skirt with striped otk socks from Sock Dreams!

gloomth photoshoot gloomth model ellie

It was lovely being out among the trees that day, even if the ground was cold and wet under the blanket of leaves. I was promptly distracted by mosses and fungus, of course.

leaves and fungus


I did a sort of cracked-porcelain makeup on Ellie. It was a happy experiment as I was so sure it’d look silly and costume-y, but I think it turned out quite well despite my misgivings about that whole broken-doll cliché.

Model and photographer pouring over the results of the day! 😀

You can check out the entire series in our facebook! Be sure to comment and let us know what you think of these photos. 🙂

We’ll be back to shooting *often* very soon, I am still recharging and enjoying autumn.


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