Gothic Circus Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re always so excited this time of year, it’s as if a bit of the Gloomth universe bleeds into the real world. Our universe wouldn’t be complete without a Haunted Circus! A dark carnival of ghosts and magic, with loads of designs ideal starting points to Halloween ensembles (and to wear throughout the year)!

Ringmaster Costume- The ringmaster (or ringleader) runs the show! This performer introduces the acts and manages the stage. Pair our “Ringmaster” corset jacket with a full fluffy skirt (or even just a black tutu), boots, striped tights, and a top hat for a classic take on this important circus role! Black smokey eyeshadow and red lipstick tie the whole look together.

gloomth night circus

Tight Rope Walker- Delicate and balanced, this death-defying circus performer is sure to fascinate! Use our “Spelterini” dress as a great starting point for this exciting costume. Pair it with black fishnets and glittering makeup for a stage-ready style! Accessorize with a tiny parasol for added detail.

gloomth gothic circus

Gothic Circus Clown- Feeling a bit more silly this season? A Gothic take on the circus clown style is a fun twist on a common costume. Start with our “Trapeze” dress and then add mismatched stripey tights and platform boots. Finish with a clown hat in a coordinating color and black/white/red clown makeup! Easy and adorable!

gloomth circus

🙂 Happy Almost Halloween everyone!


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