Personal Snaps Friday

Friday again! This weekend I have a Halloween road trip and a photoshoot so I am excited (and busy)! 😀

taeden hall

My fall goal has been to dress up more and to wear Gloomth 90% of the time (cheap advertising). After a summer of lazy “it’s too damn hot” attire and wearing casual clothes to style our photoshoots I’ve felt like I’ve been in a fashion-rut. So in an effort to shake myself up I’ve been trying to be “fancy” at least 3-4 times a week. 🙂


Mostly wearing things that fall along the border of what’s considered Lolita. I think I just like petticoats and frills- but in a more antique odd doll manner than in a sugary Japanese kawaii style. I like tattered things and vintage hats and Victorian bits- and mint!

Recently I trekked out to the “Pacific Mall” near Toronto. It’s a huge space full of Asian-centric shops and restaurants. It’s changed a lot since my last visit there, and I was super sad not to find a purikura photo booth anywhere this time. Seems the whole place is full of cell phone shops suddenly. At least the candy stores remained! We had a lot of fun despite not needing cell phone accessories.

IMGP3820 Me hogging all the mango bubble tea and looking rumpled. It poured rain all day and my hair became a sad sad looking thing very quickly. Not shown- the noodle shop where the staff decided we were Dumb Tourists and tried to give us forks with our chopsticks and explained how to mix the gravy onto my noodles….


This shop was called “Moose Knuckles”…….ew.


I always like wandering the fish/aquarium store there. Look at these fancy goldfish!



 I am a huge fish nerd. My current tank at home is populated by cichlids presently.


I bought a couple kinds of Japanese candy primarily because the packaging was so great/silly! This was a kit for making lumpy decorated candies (it was not tasty). I’m not sure why anyone would want to handle their sticky candy so thoroughly before eating it, but the package was so cheerful I couldn’t resist.



The look on the girl’s face is quite predatory. “I’m going to eat your pink hat first, boy”. And the boy seems completely innocent of her plot. Again, cute packaging causes me to buy food items I do not wish to consume.


The best part of the day, of course, was miraculously getting a whole floor to ourselves at at bar/restaurant downtown afterwards! Martinis are especially important after feeling like a goofy tourist all afternoon.

stinky sandwich magnet

One odd thing I purchased at the mall was a puffy sandwich magnet. It has lettuce and veg and even little realistic sesame seeds. The problem is that it’s SCENTED! I can’t figure out what the scent is supposed to be, it is nothing like a sandwich or anything you’d expect, but is very deliberate. It reeks. Just a really awful stinky sandwich magnet.


Looks quite good on my fridge collage even if I am worried it’s perfume will permeate my other decorations….

Have a great weekend everyone!


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