Personal Photos Friday

We are busily preparing for a photoshoot tomorrow in a location I’ve been hoping to shoot in since we started Gloomth! After that I am not shooting again til November so that I can enjoy the season and try and get un-sick. In the meantime here are some photos from my not-Gloomth-related life. 🙂

ai weiwei toronto Happened across the set-up for the Ai WeiWei exhibit for Nuit Blanche in Toronto. I don’t usually enjoy the Nuit’ festivities as it seems like all the drunk-jerks of the city come out and wander around (also crowds = yuck). The festivities are this weekend in the city and I want to be excited about an arts event but Nuit’ is just not my cup of tea.

ai weiwei art toronto


These raggedy pigeons didn’t care about the artwork. Unimpressed pigeons.

gh bass saddle shoes

My saddle shoes from G.H. Bass arrived and I am now thoroughly obsessed with them! They are the most comfortable and well made saddle shoes I own. Of course now I want to buy 10 more styles of their shoes… 😛

IMGP3363 I had a soy PUMPKIN SPICE frapp’ (non soy whipped cream haha) for dinner the other day! Such a healthy (not) choice. I look really tired and wretched here as I was getting sick, like everyone else seems to be right now.


 Our Gloomth bunny mascot experimenting with some balloon-bondage before our spectacularly pink and sparkly photoshoot! We’ll have more behind the scenes from that day to share once the shoot is live. 🙂

no golfing sign

 A really specific sign in the park. No golfing. Zero tolerance policy for golf and golf-related activities.

Got our new bigger stickers in the mail this week! I’m very excited to tuck these into orders for the next little while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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