Behind the Scenes with InnerSpace

Did you watch Gloomth’s segment on InnerSpace yesterday?!

Gloomth recently appeared on an episode of the Space Channel’s “InnerSpace” program (as in it aired yesterday nation wide- yixes)! We’re so excited about the airing here at the ‘Cult! It was a completely new experience for me (I’ve never done a tv segment for the label before). I had no idea what to expect from the day! Here’s a series of photos I took the day of- from my preparations to behind the scenes of the filming itself. πŸ™‚

Look ma! No makeup!

Got up early! I was too excited (read- nervous) to sleep in so I got up very early to sweep my apartment one last time and begin preparing for the day.

I am also a bunny.

Put on my eye makeup, which I didn’t manage an interesting photo of so here’s one I drew all over. I didn’t manage a photo of myself with my curlers in, which was the next step …but the internet doesn’t really need to see that. πŸ˜‰

The skeleton on the napkins looks like he is yelling “get off my lawn!”

Set out the snacks and whatnot for the team! Macarons! The macarons were really big and delicious, I grabbed them from the fancy bakery near my house. I also presented them with copies of Carmilla and the coloring book for my upcoming Harajuku Tarot Deck project. Our bunny model is waiting patiently for the video shoot to begin!

macaron brick street bakery
Mmm macarons!

The hazelnut macaron in the centre was especially good! Nothing like bribing a film crew to be nice to you with fancy baked goods. πŸ˜‰

taeden hall

A snap of my head all dressed and bow-dazzled for the filming! Big messy doll hair seems to be my default lately.

Shortly before 1 the team arrived, lights were set up, and we began to shoot my interview and the makeover segment! Everyone involved was so nice and friendly, it was a lot of fun!


How Goblin spent the entire afternoon. Clearly so excited and distracted by the people filling her home. I guess she’s a bit numb to a house full of people from all the photoshoots that begin in my space.

This is the “there’s a tv crew in my apartment” expression. Haha

Me mid-filming looking crazy warm and well- crazy.

innerspace gloomth

Filming the post-makeover scenes and taking snaps in the background. Yes, that’s my kitchen.

innerspace gloomth morgan

Host Morgan Hoffman made an awesome Gloomth Girl! She fit our “Carmilla” dress like it was made to measure. Of course our bunny mascot couldn’t avoid getting in on the modelling, he’s such an attention-suck.

morgan hoffman innerspace gloomth

And that’s a wrap! This was such a fun experience! A huge thank you to the team at Space/InnerSpace for including us in their programming and to Morgan for being such a great sport about her gothy makeover! πŸ˜€


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