Underwater Snaps

alligator cloud
Doesnt that pink cloud look like an alligator?

Personal Friday update! My parents live on the banks of the St.Lawrence river, a few kilometres outside of a sleepy little town. Their house sits at the top of a hill leading right down to the water. I grew up swimming there when our cottage was on that land, and now visit their house there a couple weekends each summer.


I love the water, I’m a big fish nerd and exploring below the surface is one of my favourite summer activities- and has been since my childhood. Over the last Canadian long weekend I got to spend hours bobbing about in the warm water chasing schools of small fish and taking photos with my underwater camera!




Just under the waves exists another world entirely! With it’s own strange landscapes and occupants. Green carpets of plants, towering forests of seaweed, sunken treasures (okay I mostly just encountered a log and some large rocks).

Can you see the little perch fishes?


I did not see any large fishes this time, I had so hoped to find a catfish nest (they tend their eggs in pairs). There were lots of small perch and sunfish darting between the weeds though!


No one looks cute in swim goggles....
No one looks cute in swim goggles….

It was nice to escape the city for a weekend, I am hoping to do so again soon. 🙂


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